Why should you add the Bulgarian split squat to your workout routine?download (4)

The Bulgarian split squat is a very popular exercise that is performed with one food  in front of you and other stretched back and resting on a support.

It’s easy to implement if you are using body weight and a bit more difficult with adding some weights. The second option is recommended for more advanced fitness enthusiasts. The Bulgarian split squat is all about your gluteus, quads and hamstrings.

Some benefits of this movement are:
  1. Helps to develop and strengthen leg muscles and good for your core.
  2. By building muscle it also helps burning fat as well. Many people don’t know that the easiest way to burn fat is by developing good muscles. Lots of women are using only cardio machines at the gym, which is not the best scenario.
  3. Easy to perform and low risk of injuries.
  4. And last but not least it’s one of the best techniques for toning and developing that booty.

When adding weight to Bulgarian split squat, dumbbells are a better option than a barbell. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and let them hang by your sides as you perform the exercise.

The benefits of Bulgarian split squat will push your body, mind and muscles grow stronger, work harder and dig deeper.

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