The pleasure of eating and how it affects weight loss

Lets talk about one of my favorite topics, which I have neglected sometimes. From my point of view and based on my personal experience I found it being very interesting and useful.

The pleasure of eating and why we provide our body with food that’s high in quality and nutritional value, the body is grateful to us.

As some studies prove that, when we consume food that tastes good and it contains protein and good fats- we automatically absorb more of it and experience more pleasure and less hunger. Because of that we feel more fuller with less food.

Why is it important to enjoy food in order to lose weight?

It turns out that the rate of absorption of the valuable substances from food is directly proportional to whether a food is delicious or not. And to prove it to you I will share with you an interesting medical study conducted with 2 groups of women- Swedish and Thai, which Mark David  mentioned about in his book ”The slow down diet- eating for pleasure, energy and weight loss”.

The aim was to find out how much iron they would get from their food, which was appropriately divided into a 2 piece Thai dish of traditional Thai food and typical Swedish menu.

Both Thai women were first given Thai menus and Swedish, and the amount of iron absorbed measured. The results, however, puzzled the researches.

Although both menus were structured to contain an equal amount of iron, it turned out that the Thai people almost did not absorb the iron from the Swedish dish and vice versa. Just because the Thai people do not like Swedish food.

On the other hand, Thai people love Thai cuisine and  accordingly, have absorbed the maximum iron from their portion of food. The same thing happened to Swedish.

Interesting, isn’t?

And for all of this facts the key role plays the hormone cholecystokinin, which is produced by the body as a result of proteins and fats in the diet, is responsible and performs a number of functions:

-Helps digestion by stimulating intestinal, pancreatic and stomach functions;

-Causes the hypothalamus, the pupil of the brain to suppress appetite;

-Stimulates the enhancement of the sense of pleasure in the cerebral cortex.

In summary- when we eat food that tastes good and it contains proteins and fats- we automatically absorb more of it and experience more pleasure and less hunger, that is, we feel fuller with less food.

The reverse of all this also includes a hormone neuropeptide Y(NPY)- polypeptide containing 36 amino acids and play a leading role in the regulation of eating behavior.

When cholecystokinins are not available, this other hormone starts up and looking food while increasing appetite.

Neuropeptide Y is greatly increased just during or after the next diet, which makes us feel moody and hungry, and of course to drop into the first carbohydrate that gets us on the road.

Or in summary- when we have long refused to give our body the pleasure of food it looks for it and constantly gives us signals of hunger.

There is another interesting case to consider- fast food accompanied by guilt. For example you have decided that you should not eat chocolate. However the desire is stronger than you and you find yourself home with all the chocolate that is eaten for just 2 minutes because you somehow think that eating it faster will satiate the hunger for a chocolate and you will feel so guilty of the offense. The result however is the opposite!

Because of the fast eating you can barely enjoy any of the food in question, your brain does not register a satisfying desire and soon it gives you a signal that it wants more chocolate. Does it ever happened to you? I am sure yea!

So, the next time you have a food you like, take pleasure and make it as slow as possible. Allow all your senses to feel the taste of the food you would like to eat so much.

But, that’s not all! In fact, there is another hormone that plays an important role both for pleasure and for digestion, and it is called endorphin. This is exactly the same hormone that your brain starts to spit out when you feel real pleasure, even from food. But he does not just do that. Endorphin also stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to the digestive system from where – yes! There is a better absorption of the accepted food!

There’s more. Endorphin also stimulates fat burning, which automatically means that when you eat a meal that is delicious and you give yourself time to enjoy the process – you do not gain weight from it! It is a miracle, isn’t ?

I will summarize once again what has been said here – when you eat slowly food that is delicious and at the same time rich in proteins and fats – in the body are triggered chemical processes that make you enjoy, suppress appetite, help digestion and help you to lose weight.

Enjoy the food that you consume, as only such joy provides satisfaction and the sense that one has eaten enough.



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