There are several differences between the fat storage and fat metabolism of women and men.

What is the thing that women do more often than men, but men do it more successfully?

The diet!

Yes, ladies, unfortunately you will have to admit this fact! Men are able to lose their excess weight and excess fat with far less effort than women. But this is not about more will, tenacity or motivation than about differences in fat metabolism.

Does it turn out that men and women come from different planets even when we talk about the way we get fat?

In fact, not all differences in male and female metabolism are determined by gender – the difference in body size and structure is also important. Gender differences that really matter and affect metabolism are sex hormones – estrogen and testosterone – the equivalents of Mars and Venus in the human body. These two hormones determine whether we will accumulate excess calories in the form of muscle mass or fat.

Women usually accumulate fat in the gluteal region (hips, buttocks and thighs), whereas in males this occurs predominantly in the abdominal area (abdomen). Research has shown that fat accumulated in the abdominal area is easier and faster to melt during a diet and exercise program than those in the hips and thighs. These factors mean that men usually have faster fat metabolism than women do, and are thus more successful at losing weight.images

The role of sex hormones, the different distribution of fat in men and women, is indisputable. It also gives a very good explanation of why women, unnaturally, start to accumulate more postmenopausal stomach fat – the drastic drop in estrogen levels.

However, I advise men not to calm down and continue reading.  The characteristic pear-shaped form of women is actually a sign of good metabolism and health, while the beer belly in men is not. On the contrary!

Male fat in the abdomen leads to an increase in visceral fat around the internal organs, while the fat in the hips and thighs of women is subcutaneous (between the muscles and the skin).

When Low Fat Metabolism Is Dangerous

The role of visceral fat is to protect the organs, but when it accumulates in excessively large amounts it is extremely dangerous to health. According to studies, low fat metabolism may be affected by your high blood pressure. People with a high percentage of visceral fat have been shown to be at greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome and hence have heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer.

images (1)Now let go of obesity and look at how things are in individuals with normal body fat%. Body fat is divided into structural and spare (spare). Structural fats are the fats needed to form cell membranes, myelin envelopes, and others. Their presence is a must for the proper functioning of the body.

The stored fats in the body play the role of an energy reserve (buffer). When the accumulations of back fat in the body are in the norm, these fats do not pose a problem for our health.

I will not be surprised to say that there is a huge difference between the two sexes …

For the average male with normal weight, the fat is about 15% of the total body weight, of which 10-12% are spare and the remaining 3-5% are structural.

For an average woman, fats are about 20-26%, of which, you notice, 8-12% are structural!

“But why? Why is it happening to us?”

Perhaps this is what the ladies who are currently reading this article are asking.

In fact, all these changes occur during puberty. Previously, there are no particular differences between girls and boys in terms of fat to total weight – in all children fat is only about 10% of the total weight.

But when hormones start raging, it changes quickly. The percentage of body fat in girls rises to 22-25 percent, while in boys, elevated levels of testosterone have the opposite effect, and the amount of fat in the body reaches only about 15 percent. It is so that the total amount of fat in females is almost twice as much – as for two, not for one.

All this happens because even during puberty, the woman’s body prepares for the birth. Then a long process begins, beginning with pelvic expansion, mammary gland development, and accumulation of sparing amounts of nutrients and fats which at a later stage will be used by the female body to create and nurture a new life.

It’s no coincidence that women store in their thighs mainly long-chain omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) – it is extremely important for baby’s development during pregnancy. Think about it for a moment, what a really wonderful and complicated process is this, to raise a whole other being in your body!

As we have already mentioned nothing in nature is no accident! It is also not accidental that women and men metabolize fat differently.

But apart from differences and similarities. The difference between the two sexes is that in order to burn fat and reduce the extra pounds, a proper diet and intensive strength and cardio workouts are required!

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